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Industrial wireless telemetry systems & turnkey   solutionsOur turnkey radio solutions make use of the extensive range of Eaton's ELPRO products which are found in every industry as an alternative to signal and data wiring.

All telemetry systems have internal integrated radios designed for license-free (low power) and licensed (high powerd) radio bands.

Industrial wireless telemetry systems provide high speed wireless Ethernet connectivity in process and automation plants.

Typical applications include

  • moving cranes or trucks
  • ecologically sensitive areas
  • places exposed to theft of cables
  • irrigation schemes
  • sewerage or water works
  • mining

What characterises Elpro telemetry systems is reliable and secure datatransfer, digital repeating, versatility and ease of use.

Our expert staff is able to develop industrial wireless solutions to your requirements. Contact us now to find out more.

The product range consist of: