Enabling your UHF Telemetry solutions with IIoT

Tabateq | Industrial Wireless Solutions | UHF Telemetry solutions with IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a technology that enables efficient and accurate decision making in a variety of industries and enterprises. Consistent distribution of data between edge devices and the users’ interface of choice enables the users to make informed decisions, highlight efficiencies or inefficiencies and faults on their system. However, many municipalities…

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Solar-powered Remote Monitoring Systems

Tabateq | Industrial Wireless Solutions | Solar-powered Remote Monitoring Systems

In telemetry systems, we often find that installation cost contributes a huge part of the site cost. The safe and secure installation of a reliable power source is a great contributor to site cost. With the increase in the theft of copper cables and solar panels, power is often one of the biggest problems to…

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