Elpro & Modbus: A reliable and compatible partnership

Modbus is a widely used and trusted communication protocol and is typically used to transmit signals from instrumentation and control devices back to a main controller or data gathering system.

After more than 30 years in the industry, Modbus has proven itself as the “go-to” protocol for simplicity reliability and compatibility.

The Elpro range of devices have taken on the same Modbus pedigree, so users can expect devices that are easy to set up, that “just work”, and emphasise compatibility.

Modbus Technology and Elpro

Evidence of this emphasis in compatibility can be found in the Elpro device feature list. These include Modbus TCP as well as Modbus RTU communication capability, along with a host of variations and combinations of setup options within these Modbus protocols.

  • Elpro Devices support both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
    Compatibility, compatibility, compatibility. Emphasis is made on making these devices work with your requirements. So, whether it is serial Modbus or TCP based Modbus, you’re covered.
  • Elpro Devices support RS485 and RS232 serial connectivity
    Working with legacy equipment and their installations is a reality that every integrator will eventually face. Along with it, an array of serial settings. Find the setting you need with the multitude of serial settings at your disposal in these devices.
  • For Modbus TCP, devices can be set as Modbus TCP Client or Modbus TCP Server or both simultaneously
    Integrated ability to be either a Modbus TCP Client or TCP Server or even both simultaneously, further ensures that compatibility will not be your biggest headache.
  • For Modbus RTU, devices can be set as Modbus RTU Master or Modbus RTU Slave or both simultaneously
    As with Modbus TCP, when it comes to Modbus RTU, rest assured that you’ll be able to communicate to your Modbus RTU serial equipment. Regardless of whether the equipment is a Salve or Master.
  • Devices can act as Serial to Ethernet or Ethernet to Serial gateway
    Need to expand or update an existing serial setup? No problem. These devices can seamlessly talk between Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. Compatibility is a priority.
  • Thousands of free Modbus registers accessible in devices
    Holding Registers, Input Registers, Digital inputs and Digital Coil registers are all supported. With literally thousands of these free registers built-in and at your disposal, you won’t soon run short.
  • Setup is made easy with the built-in Web Interface
    There is no need to purchase special software to set up the Elpro devices. With the built-in Web Interface, complete setup can be done. This means less hassle when on location and changes need to be made.

Compatible Devices:

  • Elpro 415U-2-C4 Wireless I/O Gateway
  • Elpro 415U-E-C4 Wireless I/O Gateway
  • Elpro 115E-2 Ethernet I/O Gateway
  • Elpro 215U-2 Wireless I/O Gateway
  • Elpro 450U-E Ethernet Modem
  • Elpro 245U-E-G/A Wireless Ethernet Modem

Tabateq offers a wide range of Elpro products, complete with the latest Modbus technology. Utilise some of our compatible and ready-to-use products to ensure you get the best results for your business. Speak to our team on info@tabateq.com for more information.

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