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Design & Build

Completed industrial wireless systems in a panel

Radio telemetry systems from design to implementation

Tabateq is a supplier of turnkey communication or control systems. Our key competency lies in the fact that we can assist system integrators with

  • system concept design
  • radio path calculations and on-site verification
  • system commissioning both at factory test level or on site
  • trouble shooting and
  • building of RTU panels

Tabateq offers both on-site and off-site training for the application of industrial wireless systems. Click here to see more.

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Remote I/O, control systems and Wireless Data Networks

Tabateq wireless solutions can be classified as:

  • Remote I/O and control systems
    Radio Telemetry - generally run from a centralised or distributed SCADA control centre, they may incorporate PLCs of different brands and protocols (e.g. Profibus, Modbus, Devicenet etc.)
  • Wireless data networks 
    Serial & Ethernet Modems - which communicate between stations in any protocol (e.g. video camera information via IP cameras, remote intelligent instrumentation and loggers requiring serial interfacing and have their own brand-specific protocols), communications between PLCs via wireless Ethernet etc.

Turnkey solutions

Tabateq engineers understand the difficulties in finding suitable wireless equipment to configure a reliable solution.

The task is eased by the variety of Elpro modules by Eaton from which our engineers can draw. Almost any industrial solution can be devised - provided there is a reliable radio path between the stations!

Besides the conventional applications of monitoring and controlling industrial plants like pump stations, reservoirs, conveyors, ventilation in mine shafts etc, Eaton's Elpro modules have also been successfully applied on draglinesmoving and rotating industrial machineryautomation of irrigation on plantationsand vertical communications in mine shafts.

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