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215U-2 WiFi IoT I/O Gateway

SKU: UCE-215U-2

The Elpro 215U-2 now supports MQTT with SparkplugB. This takes a huge step forward in enabling UHF telemetry devices to make use of exciting IIoT functionality.

The 215U-2 configuration is quick and easy using built-in Webbased tool either directly at the unit or over the air, which also provides comprehensive diagnostic features.


ELPRO industrial wireless has 30 years of expertise in solving critical industrial applications through our extensive knowledge in wireless I/O, modem and gateway applications. The 215U-2 extends communications to sensors in local, remote, and difficult-to-reach locations using a 802.11 b/g/n based standard.

The internal radio transceiver is designed to operate reliably with the challenges of obstructed paths, typical of remote monitoring and control applications. Supporting base and ProMesh meshing functionality, the 215U-2 provides for reliable redundant networks in industrial applications.

The 215U-2 I/O Gateway now enables your devices to access the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and Industrial 4.0 connectivity solutions.
Now equipped with MQTT and SparkplugB, the 215U-2 easily provides powerful and versatile IoT Gateway functionality at your outstation. The 215U-2 outstation now has the ability to connect directly to a broker without the need for an additional MQTT edge gateway.

Connect local I/O or external devices PLC’s/ Flow meters/ sensors via Modbus TCP or RTU via its internal Modbus gateway and have timestamped data ready to be sent via MQTT.
The 415U-2 supports Store and Forward functionality which in the event of a communications failure to the broker will Store timestamped event data locally, and automatically Forward the data when the connection is reinstated to the broker. Built for industrial applications the need for redundancy is important, therefore up to four MQTT brokers/servers can be configured


  • MQTT/ SparkplugB I/O gateway, including internal diagnostic registers
  • MQTT redundancy with ability to connect up to 4 brokers/ servers
  • SparkplugB store and forward functionality
  • Security with broker/sever SSL connectivity
  • WPA2 secure 2.412–2.472 GHz frequency (802.11 b/g) 200 mW RF power
  • I/O, Ethernet, or RS-232/RS-485 serial data and Modbus RTU/TCP gateway
  • ProMesh intelligent communications network protocol
  • Provides Wi-Fi hot-spot access to I/O data and dashboard
  • Web-based dashboard allows monitoring and control of critical I/O
  • Quick back-to-back I/O mode for cable replacement applications
  • Over-the-air network configuration
  • Expandable digital I/O for local alarms and inputs/outputs

  • Industrial IoT Connectivity
  • Machinery OEM I/O connectivity in factories—discrete sensors and digital I/O (e-Stops)
  • Water and wastewater plant applications—flow and level sensors
  • Oil and gas remote well sensor monitoring
  • Electrical control panel hot-spot for remote monitoring of meters and control through PLC extension