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Tabateq | Comprehensive Training | Empowering you to maintain your wireless networks

Want to learn more about your Elpro wireless network?

Here at Tabateq, we believe in helping the customer help themselves. That is why we...
Solar-powered Remote Monitoring Systems

Solar-powered Remote Monitoring Systems

In telemetry systems, we often find that installation cost contributes a huge part of the...
Municipal SCADA Telemetry Upgrade

ELPRO Technologies – Secure Industrial Communications

To improve equipment effectiveness, enhance safety and improve production quality, Tabateq implements Elpro’s products for...
Post 4

Elpro & Modbus: A reliable and compatible partnership

Modbus is a widely used and trusted communication protocol and is typically used to transmit...
Elpro 415U-E-C4

Wireless Communication with Elpro’s 415U-E-C4

The Elpro 415U-E-C4 wireless ethernet gateway offers long-range, high-speed industrial communication solutions for reliable and...

Speed Up Your Operations with Elpro’s 415U-2-C4

As a leader in the field of Radio Telemetry (or Wireless I/O) the 415U-2-C4 is...
Point Orange by Metasphere

Bringing Loggers to Life

After several years of successfully working with major water and wastewater companies in the UK...
New Year, New Goals and New Website in 2016 | Tabateq

New year, new goals and new website in 2016

Some features of our new website will include: Fresh new design. Access to our Resource...
Tabateq Industrial Wireless Solutions

We are moving: Please send us emails!

We've packed up our bags, coffee mugs + telephones... to move to our new premises,...

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