Solar-powered Remote Monitoring Systems

In telemetry systems, we often find that installation cost contributes a huge part of the site cost. The safe and secure installation of a reliable power source is a great contributor to site cost. With the increase in the theft of copper cables and solar panels, power is often one of the biggest problems to overcome with remote installations.

Solar-powered Remote Monitoring Systems

Often, these remote installations are monitoring slow changing parameters like level and flow. In cases where a big reservoir’s level is monitored and the value changes slowly, there is no need to have a high sample rate on the level. Depending on the system, the parameters can be monitored every 15 min or longer and still have a reasonably smooth graph on the SCADA.

The 415U-1-C4 is ideally suited to applications where remote sites are monitored with variables that do not change that fast. This enables the unit to take a sample, transmit it, and go to sleep mode. Going into sleep mode, the unit will conserve battery power and potentially use a much smaller battery and solar installation than what may traditionally be required.

Regular Sampling and Battery-life

On a typical Reservoir installation, the unit can sample the level every 15 min and update it to the SCADA or pump station. With this configuration, the unit will run indefinitely from the built-in lithium battery and a 10W solar panel. The 10W solar panel is small enough not to attract unwanted attention but still power the site.

The 415U-1-C4 comes with an internal charge circuit for Lithium and Lead Acid from 24VDC and Solar. The enclosure has an IP68 rating, so the unit can be mounted outside without the need for additional enclosures.

Key features:

  • Licensed or license-free UHF radio
  • IP66 Aluminum enclosure with removable door
  • Integrated charge controller for Lithium and Lead Acid battery
  • Integrated solar regulator for Lithium and Lead Acid battery
  • RS232/485 Modbus Master interface
  • SDi12 interface
  • 4 x DIO and 2 x AIN
  • Integration to existing 415U-E/2 network
  • Diagnostic updates to Modbus registers




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