Elpro 415U-1-C4

SKU: 415U-1-C4

The ELPRO 645M-4 is today’s leading solution for enabling your devices to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrie 4.0. Secure connectivity of your devices has never been so important in today’s industrial world.


The new Elpro 415U-1-C4 is a RTU with UHF radio built in that consumes very little power. The unit has a range of up to 50km when used in the licensed band and it will consume 100uA in idle mode. A 10W solar panel will enable this unit to run indefinitely under most conditions.

Ideal applications is the monitoring of water towers, reservoirs and flow meters or any remote equipment that has challenges with power supply.


  • Extremely low power remote I/O monitoring
  • Integrated Wireless, I/O, Charger, Regulator and battery in the one water proof unit
  • Supports Lithium, Lead Acid or fixed power sources
  • Licenced/licence-free VHF/UHF radio transceiver
  • Flexible weatherproof enclosure design allows for simple installation for cabinet or outdoor situations
  • Enhanced security for both cyber and data transmission
  • Two Analog inputs (4-20mA) with separate internally generated configurable 24V loop supply
  • 4 Discrete inputs or Pulsed Inputs
  • Flexible configuration of I/O
  • Monitoring and reporting of Radio status
  • SDI-12 Interface for Smart Sensors such as ice, wind, level, ground moisture and weather station applications
  • Innovative power management system including integrated smart solar regulator, internal or external battery, external power options
  • Direct wiring to internal junction box through M20 entry
  • Tough Aluminum enclosure
  • Compatible with the ELPRO Condor Series product range

  • Tailings leakage and movement detection
  • Pipeline monitoring for Environmental protection
  • Wellhead monitoring
  • Remote I/O connectivity with no fixed power available
  • Sewage outfall monitoring
  • Flood Warning
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Metering usage
  • Automatic Weather Station
  • Detection and Indication of Flooded Roads
  • Water Quality and Environmental
  • Rainfall monitoring