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115E-2 Ethernet Networking I/O and Gateway

Compact Ethernet I/O and Gateway connected to an Ethernet interface for remote monitoring.

215U-2 Wireless I/O and Gateway

The 215U-2 configuration is quick and easy using built-in Webbased tool either directly at the unit or over the air, which also provides comprehensive diagnostic features.

415U-2-C4 Wireless I/O Gateway

The 415U-2 will be used as a long range scalable industrial wireless gateway & I/O module for reliable & secure connectivity to outstations.

Integration to PLC & SCADA is done seamlessly via Modbus TCP/RTU. This can be achieved without the use of third party drivers or OPC to most SCADA systems & PLC’s.

Elpro 105U-G-PR1: Profibus DP Slave

The Elpro 105U-G-PR1 provides Profibus-DP Slave functionality according to EN 50170. Profibus is a popular automation fieldbus that originated in Germany and is used extensively by Siemens and other automation suppliers.

Point Orange 3G : RTU outstation

A versatile, intelligent, 3G remote telemetry unit suitable for many applications. Cost effective Compact Long term secure data retention Intelligent alarm functionality Operational downtime minimised Simple and quick to install

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