115E-2 Ethernet Networking I/O and Gateway

Compact Ethernet I/O and Gateway connected to an Ethernet interface for remote monitoring.

Elpro 105U Radio Telemetry Modules

The Elpro 105U range of wireless I/O provides a proven alternative to costly data cable installations, for both short and long distances.

Elpro 105U-L-R Radio Telemetry Modules (Receiver)

The Elpro 105U-L-T/R products are a small I/O count transmitter and receiver pair delivered pre-configured for ease of installation.

Elpro 115S Serial Expansion (Remote I/O)

Connected via RS485 and communicating either Elpro or Modbus protocols, Elpro’s 115S series expansion products are avialable in three versions of I/O count.

Elpro 415U-2

The 415U-2 will be used as a long range scalable industrial wireless gateway & I/O module for reliable & secure connectivity to outstations. Integration to PLC & SCADA is done seamlessly via Modbus TCP/RTU. This can be achieved without the use of third party drivers or OPC to most SCADA systems & PLC’s.

Elpro 450U-E Ethernet Modem

Wireless Ethernet modems allow Ethernet data to be sent reliably over log distance to interconnect industrial equipment.

Elpro 505U-2E Radio Telemetry Module

The Elpro 505U-2E is a transmit-only radio module that features an ultra-low power consumption and small I/O counts for transmission to other Elpro I/O and gateway products.

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