Wireless Communication with Elpro’s 415U-E-C4

The Elpro 415U-E-C4 wireless ethernet gateway offers long-range, high-speed industrial communication solutions for reliable and secure connectivity. This unit extends communication to sensors in local, remote and difficult-to-reach locations. In addition, users will benefit from fast and non-line of sight communications up to a 50 km range.

Over the years Elpro has established itself as a leader in Wireless I/O. The 415U-E-C4 uses the same radio as the very popular 415U-2-C4, thereby enabling it to communicate with each other.

Users can now mix Wireless I/O units and Modems connected to a PLC/SCADA in the same system. The 415U-E-C4 acts as an I/O gateway as it supports Modbus, DNP3 and physical I/O which can be connected to the unit via expansion I/O.

The 415U-E-C4 supplied by Tabateq is secure, flexible and reliable. Due to the ease of use of the whole Elpro range, this and other Elpro units are well-suited for use in the mining, water sectors.

On the typical 12.5KHz channel used in licensed telemetry systems a throughput of up to 80kbits/s can be achieved. The radio is based on 802.11, which makes configuration very simple. End-users often do installations & configuration themselves once they have received the necessary training.

Key features include:

  • Point to point and point to multi point configuration
  • Modbus TCP/RTU Master/Slave Gateway
  • DNP3 outstation Configuration
  • Auto Baud Rate selection based on signal strength
  • Pro-Mesh automatic path selection
  • WPA and AES256 encryption
  • 10mW-10W output power
  • 10-30VDC power supply
  • Built-in Battery charger

Configuration software as well as an internal webpage can be used for configuration and diagnostics of this unit.

Tabateq offers both on-site and off-site training and are available to support a wide range of Elpro products. Contact our team on info@tabateq.com for more information.

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